Mega Man 3

Release Date: November 16, 1990

Version: Mega Man Legacy Collection (Nintendo Switch)

Rating: 6.8/10

Become Mega Man to take down Dr. Wily’s evil army of evil robots…again! What do you want, their all basically the same…

Playability 3.2 of 4: The controls are essentially the same, but the inclusion of the slide move definitely ups the overall gameplay on the whole. It gives you a little more options when fighting tough enemies and adds unique puzzles that the answer is to do a slide. Not overly complicated, mind you, but it does make this entry into the series have its own take on the Mega Man character. This loses some points for being overly difficult, even for a Mega Man game. It requires very specific movements with knowledge of where every attack hits with each pixel. I don’t know how anyone did this without the rewind feature, and even with the ability to rewind, it’s exceptionally difficult to get through this game (now I’ll watch a speed run of the game just to feel depressed).

Fun Factor 2.1 of 3: Once you get over the overall hardness and learn to use the slide move effectively, it does become a pretty fun game. It’s exceptionally hard the whole way through though, and I would say this game is more for Mega Man experts than people just looking for a fun Mega Man game. Also, though I like most of the special weapons you get from bosses, a few a bit lackluster, like Snake Man, and some are just stupid, like Top Man, something that’s so hard to use effectively I never used it at all until I had to for the VERY LAST BOSS FIGHT!

Story 0.1 of 1: I mean, it’s not like you really need a story to have a good game, but this is such a rehash of the last two games that I really doubt anyone is playing this for the “great story.” There’s nothing new in this category.

Graphics and Sound 0.9 of 1: Both fine for the quality of the time it was released, but I have to ding it for graphics because it’s so difficult to approximate where you want to jump or land most of the time I wish they made it easier to know where platforms begin and end before you fall to your death.

Replayability 0.5 of 1: I still think this series is one of the most replayable of games of it’s types since you can go in any order to get to the final stages. But the weapons are mostly lame and the final level just a frustrating grind, it’s hard to see anyone but speedrunners really want to play this one many times through.

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