The Simpsons s1e2: Bart the Genius

Air Date: January 14, 1990

Rating: 6/10

After cheating on an IQ test and switching his answer key with Martin, Bart is taken to a school for genius children. Can Bart keep up when he’s not who he claims he is?

Well, here’s a lot of firsts for the Simpsons. Such as the first couch gag, the first episode exclusively about Bart, along with the first appearance of Martin. Despite this significance in Simpsons history, I mostly just felt kind of bored. It seems like this should have been a fish-out-of-water story with lots of laughs, and it got the Bart out of his element aspect, it just wasn’t as comedic as one might expect from something like this. I think that Bart doesn’t really try to hide who he is, just sort of goes along with everything and no one really questions it, let alone the people who should question it the most: Homer and Marge.

There was a pretty hilarious part at the end when Bart finally confesses everything to Homer, but I don’t think sitting through an entire mediocre episode is worth about 30 seconds of funny. Then again, this was the first official episode, and it’s not too bad as an introduction to the series, just the Christmas Special, as it was initially advertised, is just so much better.


+5: Has an okay storyline, it’s just not all that entertaining

+1: There is a decent part near the end

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