The Simpsons s1e3: Homer’s Odyssey

Air Date: January 21, 1990

Rating: 4/10

Bart takes a field trip to the nuclear power plant that ends up with Homer losing his job. In a fit of depression, Homer decides to kill himself. But, before he can he realizes his true purpose in life is to fight for safety and try to take down Mr. Burns and the power plant once and for all.

Bart going to the power plant on a field trip has some pretty great jokes, but everything after Homer getting fired becomes more than a little dramatic. Not that having drama is a bad thing in a show like this, but I turn on the Simpsons for a bit of hilarity and escapism but this episode seems to be more rooted in the real world than it usually is. I know this show is just starting out and just starting to find it’s form, but this is stuff that’s neither funny nor entertaining, it’s just stuff people do.

I suppose this is kind of the opposite of the last episode in that there the end was good while the rest was lacking, here the beginning is quite good, but everything after that is more than a bit lacking. Fun Fact: Smithers is drawn to be Black in this episode but that was changed by the next episode. Meaning they should probably get his voice changed to a African-American actor because that’s what’s important right now…


+5: Decent beginning

-1: …doesn’t really make up for a sub-par middle and ending

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