The Simpsons s1e4: There’s No Disgrace Like Home

Air Date: January 28, 1990

Rating: 8/10

After seeing how more loving the other families are at the power plant’s picnic, Homer decides the Simpsons need therapy. They enlist the help of Dr. Marvin Monroe, licensed psychiatrist, to help save their family.

Well, after last episode’s somewhat depressing tone, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this outing into the program. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very hilarious episode with absolutely no drama at all. This is a good thing! Okay, I feel that the need for drama in a sitcom is necessary but I also think the comedy should come first. And, after those first two clunky episodes (remember that the Christmas Special was actually 8th in production order), I’m glad to see that the Simpsons are coming into their own. Showing us just how zany this modern family can be.

I’m also glad to see one which focuses on the family as a whole and not just on one character or another. It’s nice to see how this family acts as a group and the hilarity to be had by such interactions. I suppose if I had any complaint about this episode it’s that some of the things are out of character for who they are later, especially with Marge and Lisa, but I know this is very early in this shows run and it’s not the writers fault to be trying things out before we know who these people really are.


+8: A hilarious episode though still a bit clunky as the show continues to fine tune its mechanics

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