Lovecraft Country s1e2: Whitey’s on the Moon

Air Date: August 23, 2020

Rating: 10/10

After a night of fighting monsters, the mystery thickens as Atticus, Leti, and George find themselves in an expensive mansion they believe is holding Tic’s father against his will. Tic soon finds out that something even darker is at play involving his lineage. Along with a shadowy cult calling themselves the Sons of Adam.

I feel like you can practically gauge a film, or any visual media, by how expertly they use their music. A standardly used song would just be something thrown in to set the scene, a masterfully used piece of music practically tells the story all by itself. I think the sound editing in this episode is great. It’s anachronic, like playing Marilyn Manson after a 50s car crash, but the show uses these pieces so well that it fits in with everything else. The title song of Whitey’s on the Moon by Gil Scot-Heron is something memorable, to say the least. Now that I think about it, the out-of-time songs are actually the least weird part of this episode.

Most of this episode was downright surreal. It’s a different take entirely on H.P. Lovecraft’s stories from the previous episode. I liked it a lot, but the former was very monster oriented and juxtaposing that with the Jim-Crow-racist law enforcement. Here, we still see the racism, but that’s countered with absolutely crazy, magic-using, narcissistic wizards who are using spells to trap people in their own psyche as much as they are shooting people with bullets. It’s more of a psychological thriller than the cabin-in-the-woods themed horror we saw in the last one. This episode is a different shade of Lovecraft, of the horror genre, and of its racial themes. It makes me wonder which tropes we’ll see in each category for the next episode, and hope this wasn’t just a fluke and we’re going right back to monster-smashing after this. Actually, I’d be fine either way.


+10: Masterfully done

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