Wonder Woman s1e4: The Feminine Mystique Part 1

Air Date: November 6, 1976

Rating: 7.5/10

Drusilla, Wonder Woman’s sister, is sent to Washington to tell Diana to come back to Paradise Island. In the process, Dru uncovers a nazi conspiracy but without her sister to help, she’ll have to call upon her own inner Wonder Woman to try to save the day.

A bit of a strange one as it feels more like the first half of a movie than what one might expect from an episode at this point. This was the first two-parter in the series, so that makes sense, but it feels very disjointed because of it. I mean, I think they knew since early serials that you make each episode stand on its own, and then end on a cliffhanger to set up the next episode. This was probably more to set up the eventual VHS tape that showed these episodes as if they were a movie. Actually, everything kind of makes sense when I think about it that way. But, being that I have to review these episodes separately, just like everyone else had to watch it two days apart from each other when it was on originally, it really doesn’t do this show any favors.

The problem is that the tone of this show is all over the place. First we’re on Paradise Island, then Wonder Woman is doing something heroic, then we’re having a silly moment with Dru, then scary things are happening with Nazis, etc. If I was just watching these parts as micro-episodes on YouTube (or as one of those serials I mentioned earlier), that would be okay. But, as a complete episode, it’s very disjointed and I legitimately didn’t know what the actual plot was supposed to be until the last ten minutes.

It does make me want to see the next episode though, so that’s something.


+7.5: It’s not terrible, each scene is good unto itself but they don’t mesh well

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