Wonder Woman s1e5: The Feminum Mystique Part 2

Air Date: November 8, 1976

Rating: 7.5/10

Wonder Woman goes home after her sister Dru reveals the locations of Paradise Island to a Nazi spy. But, after the Nazis take the island, Dru has to come back to save Wonder Woman.

Unlike the last episode, this one had a good pace and had fewer tonal shifts. That isn’t really a plus just because this show did what all shows are supposed to do…

What I liked was that there was decent action, a nice storyline, and Wonder Woman kind of becoming Rambo for a bit after the Nazis take over the island. There was also a moment where I thought for a second we stepped into a very different kind of genre where a few of the women were talking about seducing the Nazis when they got there and I thought maybe they’d changed these warrior women to nymphs or the like but then the Nazis showed up, these same horny residents of Paradise Island started kicking their German butts with their super strength. Not exactly a Shyamalan-style twist, but I liked this subversion.

As for dislikes, I thought the tone of this show was about to turn much darker for a moment and it felt like the episode called for something along those lines. But it stayed pretty dead center in it’s lightheartedness. I mean this is more than 10 years before Tim Burton’s Batman came out so I shouldn’t expect people to really take Superheros seriously yet, but it really felt like a missed opportunity for this show.


+8: a much more stable episode than the one leading into it, both exciting and fun

-0.5: I just feel like the stakes could have been raised a little higher

Tips are welcome!

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