Spiderman and His Amazing Friends s1e7: Video-Man

Air Date: October 24, 1981

Rating: 6/10

Electro creates an arcade video game known as Video-Man that Flash, a friend of the Spider-Friends’ alternate identities, gets incredibly addicted to. Little do any of them know it’s actually an evil machine that sucks Flash into the game.

For a moment, I thought that they were stealing parts of Tron for this episode but I’ve discovered that Tron actually came out a year after this so I guess Tron stole parts of this episode for their movie. Then again, being sucked into a video game was cliche even back then.

With that in mind, I’d probably stick to rewatching Tron for my sucked-into-video-games needs as this episode was more than a bit silly. Electro’s plan to “steal all the world’s electricity” just doesn’t make any sense. And the heroes jump to immediately-correct conclusions in a similar manner the Dynamic Duo did on the old Batman program, namely, they pull it straight out of their butts. There’s some decent stuff in here, but it’s bogged down by some pretty sub-standard stuff.

I did like the climax, where Flash, the stereotypical dumb jock, saves the super heroes with the knowledged he learned from having to survive in a video game for so long. This makes me think that the writer’s at least know how to play with different tropes in this way, so it’s disappointing that they usually go for the most cliche plot points for the rest of the episode.


+5: Very middle of the road, had some good points but too much stuff that was bogging it down as well

+1: I did like the climax

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