The Simpsons s1e7: The Call of the Simpsons

Air Date: February 18, 1990

Rating: 10/10

Homer buys and then wrecks an RV, which also strands the Simpsons in the wilderness. As Homer gets mistaken for Bigfoot, Maggie makes friends with a bear.

This episode was hilarious. I especially like the scene shown above where Homer, already naked, eats honey with bees in it and falls down a hill to get covered in mud and, because he can’t talk, is just spouting garbled, pained nonsense as a scared tourist videotapes him. Another particularly funny moment was when Marge was being interviewed as the wife of Bigfoot and newspaper headlines were flying at the screen as things happened.

I think this particular Simpsons outing is a good one at showing how all members work together as a family unit. They survive together, always looking out for each other. Well, except Maggie, since she’s apparently forgotten by everyone else and raised by bears for a day or two, which doesn’t really make any of the others look good, but does show, in part, why Maggie is the best Simpson.


+10: Adventuring, Simpsons style


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