Lovecraft Country s1e3: Holy Ghost

Air Date: August 30, 2020

Rating: 10/10

After George’s funeral, Leti receives a mysterious inheritance that allows her to buy a house in a white neighborhood. But, aside from horrible racists, she also has ghosts she needs to deal with.

Ah, yet another horror sub-genre they cover in this episode, the Haunted House trope. This is a very scary episode in those regards, not just with the ghosts but some very intense scenes of racial unrest which your never sure is going to lead directly into violence or not. But, now there’s a horrible ghost to deal with as well. Leti and Tic seem to have very bad luck in those regards, though for this particular plotpoint is explained later in the episode.

Though I did enjoy this episode quite a bit, there were more than a few parts that probably become more important in later episodes but felt somewhat out of place to me with the rest of the horror tropes of this one. The drama between Leti and her sister, Ruby, especially didn’t sit right with the rest of the episode. Also, I think that Loti’s sister is the least interesting character we’ve seen yet, and also wrong because she claims Leti is a selfish brat but she’s the character with the most heart so far. Ruby feels like she was hastily thrown in at the last second to eat up screen time. She doesn’t have much characterization, Loti is nothing but nice to her but Ruby acts like she’s nothing but bad. Maybe because she’s a narcissist….

I also really liked the special effects in this one, something that’s also been good in the last two previous episodes, but something that’s really hard to do is make ghosts look something other than silly. They do an excellent job here making these otherworldly moments believably horrifying.


+10: Another one that knocks it out of the park

-0.5: I’m only removing half a point for Ruby because, though her character doesn’t seem to have a lot of depth, Wunmi Mosaku does an excellent job playing her

+0.5: It doesn’t matter, I’m giving it back for the awesome special effects in this one

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