The Mandalorian s1e2: Chapter 2: The Child

Air Date: November 15, 2019

Rating: 9.5/10

Mando, as Nick Nolte’s character calls the Mandalorian, kills and then trades with some raiders and much violence is to be had. Also in this episode, Baby Yoda is very cute.

Something else about this show that I think is really good is the music. It’s very western-themed and sounds nothing like John Williams’ score in any way. Showing, once again, that you can branch out and do something different with Star Wars that doesn’t make it come crashing down. I mean, the future of everything seems pretty bleak right now, but I’m hoping that one of the things that the people at Disney is doing while we’re all stuck inside is reconsidering what they want to do with the Star Wars franchise. I mean, I like all things Star Wars really, but even I have to admit that they haven’t done anything original in quite a while. Aside from this show, I mean.

Regular readers of my blog probably know that I don’t normally like episodes when the plot comes to a standstill, but here I’m okay with it. There’s still a lot of action, for one thing, along with a battle with a giant alien creature that was thrilling enough I was legitimately wondering if they were going to kill off the title character in only the second episode. Also, the battle between Mando and the Jawas kept making me think of westerns again when the bandits are attacking a runaway train, or the like. I still feel like I should penalize it for having a side story that doesn’t go anywhere, though.


+10: Everyone working on this show really comes together to produce something amazing to add to the canon of the Star Wars Universe

-0.5: It’s only the second episode and we’re already in wasting-time territory, maybe this storyline was meant to show Mando messing up since he was mostly rolling successes last episode

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