The Mandalorian s1e3: Chapter 3: The Sin

Air Date: November 22, 2019

Rating: 10/10

Mando comes back and delivers Baby Yoda to the remnants of the Empire. But as he’s leaving he realizes he has to make the choice between doing what he believes to be right and adhering to the code of the Guild.

This is essentially Clint Eastwood in space, we all know this right? It’s a great show and this one is the best yet. I love it when people go up against impossible odds because they’re morally right about something. That seems very specific but it comes up a lot in movies. Anyway, I love the space western aspects, especially that they go more western than sci-fi. Lazers and whatnot don’t seem to matter, you could put everyone in cowboy hats and take out the spaceships and you’d have the same show, essentially.

Mandalorians are very fascinating to me. I hope we see more of their culture and why they were nearly wiped out during the Empires rain. Apparently they don’t take off their helmets, but then what about Jango Fett? Or was he not a Mando, he just had their armor? I honestly don’t know anything about that guy. That probably means I’m kicked out of the Star Wars Fan Club.


+10: This is the best Star Wars thing I’ve seen since the original trilogy, I’m not even talking about this as a series, just this episode. It’s really good

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