Wonder Woman s1e6: Wonder Woman vs Gargatua

Air Date: December 18, 1976

Rating: 5/10

The Nazi’s brainwash a gorilla in order to kidnap a scientist. Afterwards, Diana and Steve have to do some actual detective work in order to figure this one out.

I guess this one was made for environmentalists or something because this episode is very heavy on the message that gorillas, and all animals, should be free and not used for psychological experiments. Also, it had one of the longest, most drawn out, endings in the history of television. I thought it was about to end, roll credits and all that, and then about ten more minutes of Wonder Woman saying goodbye to Gargantua as they attempt to shove their environmental message as far down the audiences throat as they can. I’m fine with protecting the environment, but this is one gorilla, and this episode is mostly talking about saving animals. And, being that this is WWII and they’re fighting Nazis, it feels like there’s a lot more to worry about.

Actually, Wonder Woman is usually pretty forward thinking in this series. She’s a leader type who’s always looking for the next Nazi attack so she can try to stop it before it starts. Here though it’s like she’s been injected with idiot syringe. After Wonder Woman realizes it’s an innocent gorilla behind the kidnapping it’s like she doesn’t care about anything else but setting it free. She knows there’s a war going on, right?


+5: It has a lot of action, which I like, but it’s mostly just preachy nonsense

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