Fallout 4

Release Date: November 10, 2015

Version: XBox One

Rating: 7.1/10

After being frozen in time, become a Vault Dweller coming from the Great War that destroyed the world, to 200 years later, on a quest to find your son, stolen from you when your husband/wife was murdered right in front of you.

Playability 2.4 of 4: Okay, I did some things that a lot of people probably wouldn’t do, first I played “vanilla” meaning I didn’t use any mods not even the Unofficial Patch which fixes the game. Mostly to get achievements, not that I care about my XBox Gamerscore but I like getting backgrounds. But, because of this, I got to experience all the stupid crap that Bethesda never corrected before moving onto the next project. I mean, this is one of those cases where Bethesda has become a humongous company that makes tons of money, but because of this they stop forgetting about the little guy. Who is basically everyone at this point not working for these mega-corporations.

All classism aside, this game is VERY broken without fan-made patches. I mean, it’s still broken no matter how you patch it, and might be made worse: USE MODS AT YOUR OWN RISK! But, without at least the unofficial patch, at the very least, this game is permanently glitched. Let’s see, there’s a lot of minor stuff all over the place, like enemies getting stuck in walls or the like, but here’s the three most major problems I ran into in the order I ran into them:

First, Paladin Danse can be met early on outside a police station. He asks you to help him take care of some ghouls, but after you do, he’s just stuck in place and trying to talk to him yields the exact same phrase over and over again. This mission was stuck until much later when I had to make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel. At least there was a workaround for this one.

Second, around level twenty or so I noticed that my Perception was stuck at 1, even though I think I had it set at 5 or 6. I checked all my active effects and nothing was causing it. Googled it and learned that this was a common bug in vanilla that is caused by crippling your head which keeps the effect of having your head crippled even after it’d been healed. I made the switch to being a melee character after that point, not really much I could do as it had much too long since I’d saved.

The last was one of the DLC missions, the one involving Vault 88, just stopped working altogether. I won’t really get into the details but I didn’t get to complete this DLC either. Just turned and walked away.

These are only a few of the bugs you’ll run into playing this game. Which makes you wonder what the hell the people at Bethesda are even doing anymore. Hopefully they’ll do better things now that Microsoft owns them, or at least release more complete projects that they don’t stop updating after awhile.

Fun Factor 2.1 out of 3: I sided with the Brotherhood of Steel, and being a melee guy I thought it kind of funny that I was running around in Power Armor slashing a knife at people like some kind of psychopathic Iron Man. But, one of the things I’ve always loved about the Fallout games is the ability to roleplay any type of character you want. This game also does this fairly well, though I wish there were more dialogue choices and such, this seems fine to me for general roleplaying purposes. This is much less true with deciding a faction. Once you decide who you are going with, your decision is final and there’s nothing else you can do about it. It doesn’t matter if that faction wants to wipe out other groups you might have been on good terms with up to that point. Whatever that faction wants is now what your character wants, there’s not even an option to backstab them, or warn the other team first. Just go there and kill them all.

This game is plenty fun, but the roleplaying aspect, the biggest draw for me in these types of games, goes completely out the window during the endgame. Maybe if I joined the Railroad or Minutemen they wouldn’t make these brash decisions that I personally disagreed with even if my character apparently didn’t care, but somehow I doubt these problems don’t exist no matter who you decide to side with.

Personally, I hope they give Fallout back to Obsidian as I don’t think Bethesda knows how to do non-linear storytelling like they used to.

Story 0.7 of 1: Okay, I guess the story is fine up to the point I mentioned when your supposed to choice a side and such, but that’s when the story seems to stop caring and it’s all about nonstop murdering of everyone else you met in the game not on the side you chose. The story is good up to that point, I wonder why everything falls apart and there doesn’t seem to be any pull for me to actually go through with any one of these groups plans. Just stop there and leave your game in a perpetual Main-Story limbo is probably the best ending to this game, actually. I’m not saying stop playing, just choose to never finish it. In a way, this is the only way the Commonwealth can know peace.

Graphics and Sound 0.9 of 1: I love the musical choices for the radio stations, along with the ingame music and sounds. The voice acting is pretty topnotch, aside from a few clunky lines from our main character, no matter which sex you choose, but I can forgive that because we all know they have more lines than anyone else in the game combined. But what I can’t forgive is the very apparent graphical errors found throughout the whole game. It’s great graphics otherwise that really set the scene for this game, but it’s glitches are another glaring example of Bethesda getting away with releasing a shoddy product. This could have been a perfect game, we all know it, but it’s crap like this that just bums me out about this game.

Replay Value 1 of 1: This game can be replayed forever. I’m replaying now, with a ton of mods and on survival mode for increased difficulty and fun. Actually I might need to stop writing anymore game reviews because I’m just going to be playing Fallout 4 from here on out!

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