Rick and Morty s1e1: Pilot

Air Date: December 2, 2013

Rating: 6.5/10

Morty keeps missing school to go on crazy adventures through space and dimensions with his grandpa, Rick. Morty’s parents, Jerry and Beth, are worried that Rick is a bad influence and maybe they should stick him in an old folks home.

This was a bit of a rocky start to a pretty great series with lots of meta humor and nihilism from a genius, psychopathic grandfather and his less than average grandson. One of the things that doesn’t work is just how evil Rick is in this episode. I mean, we understand he’s a mad scientist but in later episodes he’s one who still has a heart. Here he seems like he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants and is willing to kill anyone or anything that gets in his way. It’s different when what he wants is to protect his family, something we see in later episodes. A noble cause for evil, of sorts, but here all he wants is what is essentially a drug and is willing to sacrifice everything, including his own grandson, in order to get it. It’s dark, and I like dark comedy but this goes a bit too far in certain places I think.

And I know this is meant to introduce the characters, but not only are the introductions wrong, because we don’t really focus on anyone in particular, but it also lacks a solid plotline for these new characters to properly to play around with. This almost feels more like a variety show with one thing happening then another completely different only slightly related thing until its over. Outside of a very dark recurring gag involving the bully Frank, there isn’t a clear glue that ties the episode together.


+5: Overall, not terrible but lacking in a lot of ways. If this was the actual first episode of this show I watched, I’m not sure I’d want to watch any more as it doesn’t have a cohesive plotline, most of the characters are unlikable, and some parts are especially dark in this one

+1.5: The jokes are pretty solid though, even the darkest ones are as funny as they are traumatizing

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