The Mandalorian s1e4: Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Air Date: November 29, 2019

Rating: 9/10

Mando and Baby Yoda are looking for a place to lie low for awhile. Coming to a backwater planet, the Mandalorian runs into an old friend and a new problem: raiders are attacking a farming community and they need help defending their village.

The last episode had a very heavy western influence, this one is definitely more eastern inspired. In fact, this episode is basically stealing the plot of Seven Samurai but told in 40 minutes. I’m completely fine with that, as futuristic samurais is just as good as space cowboys in my opinion. And paying homage to such a classic movie is a welcome experience in something as brand name as Star Wars. It’s something one would expect from the original trilogy but using eastern influences seems to have been forgotten in all other properties since then, save this. My point is there’s a lot more that could be done with Star Wars but only the people behind this show seem to be doing it at the moment, unfortunately.

I thought about complaining more about it stealing the plot of Seven Samurai, but as I said in the previous paragraph, it’s fine. There’s no new stories and putting a sci-fi spin on it makes it more interesting to me. But, I am going to object to having yet another one-shot, off-shoot episode. It’s an awesome episode, but after how the previous one ended I was not expecting to take a step back into a side story.


+10: Space samurais should be more of a thing

-1: Side plot episode where I think something more relevant was called for

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