Green Hornet s1e2: Give ‘Em Enough Rope

Air Date: September 16, 1966

Rating: 6/10

As Green Hornet and Kato are tracking a murderer, Britt Reid’s newspaper is being sued by an attractive lawyer. When she gets kidnapped, Hornet has to save her.

I can see why this show didn’t last more than a season. It takes the silliness of 60s Batman while trying to add the seriousness and darkness of the noir genre. It’s basically trying to make something that’s meant for kids but directed at adults. Something like this would probably work better nowadays with our more mature children and much less mature adults, but in the 60s, outside of the very niche grown-up crowd who liked Batman but needed something more serious and adult, I don’t think it would have attracted much of an audience.

I did enjoy this episode but felt that it was too much Britt-centered and not enough super-detective stuff. It does make up for this in the last few minutes but it just takes so very long to get there. I would also like to see more Kato, and not just because he’s played by Bruce Lee, but it feels like they’re not giving him any story at all so far. Who is this guy? Why is he working with Green Hornet? Hopefully he actually gets a backstory, or any story for that matter, but I’m not getting my hopes up yet…


+7: Had some pretty good moments but too much story and not enough action for this type of show

-1: The tone of this show makes it clear why it may have struggled to find an audience at the time

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