The Simpsons s1e10: Homer’s Night Out

Air Date: March 25, 1990

Rating: 7/10

Homer goes to a bachelor party as Bart gets a spy camera in the mail. Their paths cross when Bart takes a picture of his father dancing with a belly dancer that gets Homer in trouble not only at work but with his wife.

This was another strange episode, and I thought maybe they were going for the soap opera crowd again but it switches in the last third of it to more to a morality lesson for treating women like objects for Bart…like I said it’s weird. I’m fine with making moral messages in family television, and women are people too, obviously, but I think the ideas behind this story aren’t as pertinent as they might have been when the episode came out. I don’t know if I should fault it for being somewhat out of date, but it’s message is so simplistic it’s almost offensive. Again, this was probably fine for its era but the Simpsons are usually so timeless it’s surprising to find an episode that just wouldn’t work in today’s light.

It has a lot of laughs though, I especially like the part when Homer falls down…I guess you had to be there. Something that does last the test of time in this episode is the humor, though even this is fairly tame compared to later seasons.


+8: A pretty good episode even if the presentation of the morals are a bit wonky

-1: a bit soap opera-y in the middle chunk of it

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