Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends s1e9: Spidey Goes Hollywood

Air Date: November 7, 1981

Rating: 10/10

Mysterio kidnaps a movie director in order to make a movie to make a fool of Spider-Man to show the world! Also, to kill him! Also, Iceman and Firestar are there too!

Speaking of movies, this episode felt like it was framed like a film but done in twenty minutes. I also like the use of Mysterio, which matches his often overblown character, and a cameo from the Hulk. Something that’s always great about the comics was how anyone could show up in anyone else’s book at any time. It felt like, even though these were completely fantastical people, they existed in the real world. Something I wish they could do more of in the MCU shows and movies, but I know they aren’t made of money either….wait, it’s all Disney now and they are made of money!

Well, nothing’s being made now anyway, but maybe we’ll see something after quarantine is ever over.

Wow, I really got off track there. This episode did exactly what it should have: It took a ridiculous premise and had fun with it. Also, framing this show in the way you might a film, and using good use of their cameos/villains is always a plus. I guess I’m still upset about their mishandling of Magneto, though. Also, even though the focus wasn’t on Iceman and Firestar, I do think they played good parts in their stories. It made me really like both of the characters a lot more. Firestar especially as after this show she wasn’t used too much in the comics. Disney should give her a movie and bring her back! Oh right, nothing can be made now….sigh.


+10: Sorry I keep lamenting about quarantine, it’s not like I’m going to run out of things to watch any time soon…Oh right! This was a really good show and might be my favorite so far. It’s well written, action packed, hilarious, and showed how the Spider-Friends work well as a team.

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