The Simpsons s1e12: Krusty Gets Busted

Air Date: April 29, 1990

Rating: 10/10

Krusty the Clown, Bart’s favorite person on TV, is arrested for robbing the Quickie Mart. When Bart doesn’t want to give up on his hero, he teams up with Lisa to help him see if there was any foul play.

Springfield is essentially a backdrop for any genre the writers feel like playing around in that week. Here it’s more of a mystery and court drama episode, I think before even Law and Order was a thing yet, and with the humor we should expect from this show along with some decent dramatic moments.

I also really like it when Lisa and Bart team up for whatever reason. Most of the time they’re at odds with each other, and are basically polar opposites personality-wise, but it’s nice to see not only that they work well together as a team but they care about each other as brother and sister. They want each other to succeed and are willing to help each other when they need it, something that most families could probably use more of.


+10: I really like mysteries, but I think this is a good example of the types of stories we should expect from this show. It has heart, a solid plot, and really demonstrates how the Simpsons hold together as a family.


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