0099: Top Hat (1935)

Rating: 8.5/10

A model falls in love with a dancer but she mistakes him for a married producer. Along with getting the wrong man in trouble with his wife, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers use stylized singing and dancing and situational comedy to try to find true love.

This felt like the Fred Astaire dancing sections were somehow mixed with an Adam Sandler movie. The comedy was just the right kind of screwball to match with the typical Sandler fanfare. It was silly and had a lot of coincidences as major plot points. Something that I think really only works in a comedy. And much like a Happy Madison flick, the plot in this comes secondary to finding reasons to make jokes (or sometimes sing and dance, not as typical in Sandler’s movies). Still, even though this is more about being entertaining, which it is, I feel it’s missing something major by not having a strong plot. Entertainment-wise though, I felt this was hilarious and I had fun the whole way through.

The songs themselves didn’t have much to do with the rest of the movie. Which is just odd to me, but I’ve seen it at least a couple times before. Still, it’s something that more or less dropped off in today’s musicals. Songs should progress the story just like any other scene in a movie. But with the story not having that binding glue of a strong plot, things don’t really have to progress in a typical way I suppose.


+10: For entertainment value alone, I’d say this is an A+

-1: Not having much of a story can be pretty detrimental to a film, less so for comedy but it’s absence is surely felt

-0.5: The songs are well-written and sound beautiful, but you could cut all of them out and nothing would change story-wise.

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