Scribblenauts Unlimited

Release Date: November 13, 2012

Version: Nintendo Switch; Scribblenauts Mega Pack

Rating: 6.5/10

Join Maxwell, and 42 of his siblings, as he tries to save his sister Lily from a horrible curse by collecting Starites. But he has two magical items to help him in his quest: a globe that can teleport him anywhere, and a notebook that can creating anything out of thin air that Max rights in it.

Playability 2.8 of 4: I’ve played the original Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS and I feel these are pretty much made to be played with a stylus. But, after maybe fifteen minutes of using a controller, I got used to how it works without much hindrance. However, I was surprised that a game that lets you write in basically whatever you want, there were many times that what I wanted just wasn’t in Scribblenauts dictionary despite being an item in real life and I simply had to think of a synonym. It’s not too detrimental just slightly disappointing whenever it happens.

Fun Factor 1.8 of 3: It’s a fine game, but it’s so easy throughout almost its whole run without much need for cleverness when thinking up objects or adjectives to attach to them. Also, they took out one of the better features from the original of doing the same challenges over and over again but not allowed to reuse any objects for subsequent rounds. It added more challenge to what could sometimes be very difficult. Here it’s been exceptionally dumbed down, but there are a few challenges that were a bit harder or made me think about something different but for a puzzle game this is an exceptionally easy one.

Story 0.8 of 1: Considering the previous games didn’t really have a story, if any, this gives us a decent reason for going around helping people and collecting Starites. However, the story is a very simple one, much like most of its puzzles.

Replay Value 0.4 of 1: You only need to collect slightly less than half of the Starites in order to beat the game, so there is more to do. Almost everything is so easy though I feel that even completionists would find doing this kind of tedious.

Graphics and Sound 0.7 of 1: The caroony feel of the game is one of its most endearing aspects but the music is somewhat boring when it isn’t kind of annoying.

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