Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends s1e10: The Vengeance of Loki

Air Date: November 14, 1981


Loki plans on using ancient magic in order to take over New York and get rid of Thor in the same breath. The Spider-Friends team up with Thor in an attempt to stop him.

It kind of bugs me when villains aren’t just trying to kill the good guy and take over the world but also have to ruin the heroes reputation. I mean, in some contexts this works, but I think it’s just overly petty, especially when they’ve already won. It just seems odd that this is the driving force of a lot of villains. Why isn’t the plan to just ruin their enemy’s image? It seems like this would be a lot easier in the long run, and then you can take over the world. It’d probably be much easier with the hero out of the way.

Outside of that, this was a pretty good episode. I like the multitude of guest characters this show uses. Thor was never my favorite before the MCU but how he’s shown here isn’t bad. It’s true to the character, at the very least. I also think the voice of Loki does a terrific job of capturing the character.


+9: A pretty fun episode, overall

-0.5: Sometimes, villains’ plans are just stupid, I guess…

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