The Simpsons s2e2: Simpson and Delilah

Air Date: October 18, 1990

Rating: 6/10

Homer tries a new treatment that regrows his hair. With his more youthful appearance, Skinner decides to suddenly promote him to executive. Homer hires a secretary named Karl.

Homer seems to have amazingly good luck throughout this episode. Women want him, men also want him, and most things are just handed to him on a silver platter. It feels like this episode could have some kind of social commentary on how beauty is only skin deep or the like, but instead it’s more a message of “anyone who’s ugly isn’t worth your time.” I mean, this is a comedy show, so even the morals can be a joke, I don’t care. But this isn’t made clear at any point that this is meant to be a joke. I think not having this as a social commentary is a bigger commentary on this period of time than anything else could be, I suppose.

I do like this focus on Homer and seeing how he might act in a particular situation. He is a person who sees need and wishes for change. However, as demonstrated in this episode, those needs are as simple as the man is.


+7: It’s not particularly funny or well written, also it’s incredibly out-of-date, but it’s still entertaining enough and gives us a look into a different era in a way

-1: The moral backbone of the show is a bit wonky on this one

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