Rick and Morty s1e2: Lawnmower Dog

Air Date: December 9, 2013

Rating: 9/10

As Rick and Morty go to “incept” Morty’s math teacher, the family dog is made sentient with science. Snuffles seeks revenge for his enslavement while Rick and Morty are chased by a monster who kills people in their dreams.

This is an especially hilarious episode. Some jokes that are just in the background and go by so fast you’ll miss them. It’s a specific brand of humor that you’ll be hard to find anywhere else. It doesn’t censor itself or slow down to let you catch up if you’re a bit slower on the uptake. It’s not for everyone. Then again, with how popular this show is, maybe it is for everyone?

I like that this show can be just as smart as it is dumb. Some aspects are largely based in hard science. Others, such as the Inception sequences, are purely fantasy and more for making jokes than anything else. It’s this melding of sci-fi with absurdism that really makes this show what it is.

Stories are important for any show. If the storyline isn’t working it become apparent pretty quickly. It’s not that either plot was overly inconsistent, but they feel like two B-stories that the writers didn’t know how to finish so they threw them together. This is very funny. But it doesn’t quite feel like a solid ending to what was initially presented.


+10: Hilarious and a great beginning to “Rick and Morty Proper”

-1: The ending was a bit disappointing

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