Rogue Legacy

Release Date: June 27, 2013

Rating: 8/10

You play a royal family who has a legacy. A legacy built on each generation going into a dungeon until they die and then looting all the gold off their corpses (I’m assuming). It’s a side-scrolling action-adventure game with roguelike elements and a Metroidvania feel.

Playability 3.2 of 10: This game is a lot of fun and if you’re used to Castlevania or the like you’ll pick up on this game quite easily. It’s a very fluid game that’s easy to control and doesn’t really have flaws in this regard save one thing. That’s the need to grind to an excessive degree before the final boss. Every other boss comes along right when you’d expect your level to be around. Or at least that’s how it felt to me. Sometimes I’d fight a boss over and over and eventually decide to grind up some levels again, but I’d beat it without having to do this too much. However, for the final boss, this caused me to grind for so long afterwards. And I like the exporation in this game but this is long after you’ve seen every part of the castle you can and there’s really not much more to do, aside from try to find all the weapons and runes, but even this is just tedious at this point and I’d essentially been using the same runes and weapons up to this point that I had been for hours. I understand the last boss isn’t meant to be easy, but this is more than a little ridiculous of just how much I had to do so in order to beat it. Sure, claim I’m just not good at action games, and maybe I’m not, but this is just tedious busywork. I don’t think someone should have to be a master in order to just beat a game.

Fun Factor 2.4 of 3: I guess I covered what parts I don’t find fun in this game. Outside of that I think this game is great fun with just enough rogue elements to keep it interesting.

Story 0.7 of 1: The story is fine. You get most of it from diary entries you find going through the dungeon from a previous visitor in your family line. It’s not exactly the driving force of the game though. And when it just shoves it all down your throat at the end I’m not exactly interested. In this way, the story actually gets in the way of the gameplay. It’s not that intensive but it’s enough of a distraction to make me wish there was less of it.

Graphics and Sound 0.9 of 1: It’s very fitting music and I like the cartoon-y graphics which works just as well for making scary monsters. But the first song you hear in the castle is kind of annoying. It’s like they picked the worst song they could to force you to listen to every time you enter it. It makes you really like those Jukebox Rooms, that’s for sure.

Replay Value 0.7 of 1: There is a New Game+ mode that makes everything harder and gives you a reason to grind even more. But after how long it took me to beat the final boss, I just don’t have much incentive to start playing again. Maybe some day, just not very soon…

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