Animaniacs Reboot s1e1: Jurassic Lark

Air Date: November 20, 2020

Rating: 10/10

The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) are back! And Pinky and the Brain manage to take over the world!…for a bit.

As an adult who likes children’s cartoons, this is pretty good. I suppose the Animaniacs has always been a cartoon that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults. They’ve always snuck in more grown-up jokes that kids probably won’t get along with the off-the-wall zaniness.

I think this might be a reboot I can get behind, but it’s also playing it safe in this initial “re-pilot.” It involves four separate sketches, though one is a continuation of another. And the first is incredibly short (but really funny). Within twenty minutes there are two songs, and a Pinky and the Brain sketch. I would say that the music and the two world-domination-obsessed mice were two of the biggest pulls of the old show. This isn’t a bad thing though, and I hope to see more of both these things as the show continues but it’s a bit obvious they’re sticking to their strengths for this.

I know people were complaining about this show getting too political but it doesn’t seem to be so much in this episode (just a tad). There were always some jokes centered around politics in the initial series, such as the “Bill Clinton plays the sax” line in the original opening. Something they changed when he was no longer in office. I’m just saying the Animaniacs being a little political isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just so long as it’s not what they’re leaning on most. It’s just not that type of show.


+10: A great start to hopefully what is a solid re-first re-season

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