The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

Rating: 6.5/10

Tim Allen has been Santa for 8 years and the elves tell him that he needs to get married or he’s going to no longer be Santa. It’s the Mrs. Clause. Can Santa find the right woman when he only has a month until Christmas?

I didn’t expect much from this as I feel the first movie, though a great Christmas movie, didn’t really warrant a sequel. It’s actually not too bad though. I especially like Tim Allen as the Toy Santa, and how the elves deal with him, as I feel this is where most of the humor of this one comes from. The romance plotline actually isn’t too bad either, though I have some issues I’ll get into in a moment, and I like seeing all the actors from the first movie back, even the boy who played Charlie, all grown up.

Okay, my major problem is that the romantic plotline is rushed so hard that it feels like it was shoehorned in at the last minute. The problem is that it’s suppose to be the driving force for the movie! It’s the main plotline, you know. But it feels like Santa should have been informed at the end of last Christmas, where the movie starts anyway, instead of only informing Santa that he has to find a wife only a month before. If this weren’t a movie I would say that’s impossible, then again, Santa could just go spend a week in Vegas, but that would make for a very different movie…


+6.5: It’s a pretty fun movie overall, especially the events happening at the north pole

+1: I could watch Allen being Robo-Santa for days he’s so funny

-1: the main plot is so rushed it feels like a side plot, I guess it’s okay because the side plot takes over the main plot?

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