Wonder Woman s1e7: The Pluto File

Air Date: December 25, 1976

Rating: 6/10

Wonder Woman is up against a thief who calls himself the Falcon. He’s out to get a secret plan to cause man-made earthquakes, but something he doesn’t know is that he’s also carrying the Bubonic Plague.

This episode had a decent mystery, but the overall plot felt like it was more for a half-hour show. But it also somehow felt that it was cut down from something that was movie-length. Odd qualities for the show overall. I almost feel like the whole middle could be cut out and you just have to watch the first ten minutes and the last fifteen without missing anything. The setup does it’s job and the payoff is very good indeed, but the slow middle doesn’t do anything at all. Again, it’s a weird quality for this show to have.

Lynda Carter is a great Wonder Woman. I don’t know how often the character comes alive on screen or the like but Carter captures something that most visions of the character seem to lack: Wonder Woman is a very happy person. She loves everyone, even if they’re doing things for the wrong reasons but she knows everyone can change and become better. Though Spider-man’s message is “great power comes with great responsibility” Wonder woman’s seems to be “with great power comes great love.” Again, just this version, not sure about newer Wonder Women, but I get the impression they’re much darker than they used to be, such is the way of the DC universe.


+6: Good ending and beginning

-1: Not so much the middle

+1: Lynda Carter is a perfect Wonder Woman

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