Soul (2020)

Rating: 9/10

Joe is a Middle School music teacher who finally gets his big break playing in a famous jazz band. But when he suddenly dies and finds himself in the Great Before, he’s trying to get back to life with the help of an unborn soul named “22.”

This film was very good from start to finish. It had a good story and characters and the animation was top-notch, as you would expect from any Pixar film. I see some similarities to their other movies, most obviously Inside Out, but it stands on its own as an entirely separate thing from the rest of Pixar’s canon. I thought, mostly from the title, that this would be a movie mostly about music, much like Ratatouille was mostly about food. But it’s one that celebrates life, Joe’s passion just happens to be music and there’s some about how music is what makes him feel alive.

If I had any complaints, it’s that this film feels just slightly too long. I can even pinpoint where things could have been cut. That’s right at the beginning of the third act, which I won’t talk about specifics so I don’t spoil anything, but there is about 10 minutes which feels like it could have been summed up in about 1. Pixar knows better than this, especially since “filming” takes probably ten times longer for an animated feature. This is something somebody should have caught at some point, is what I’m trying to say.


+10: Pixar does it again!

-1: Could have been slightly shorter without any detriment (movies should always be exactly as long as they need to be, no more and no less)

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