Wonder Woman s1e8: The Last of the Two Dollar Bills

Air Date: January 8, 1977

Rating: 9/10

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor have to turn over a nazi plot to bankrupt the U.S. economy by counterfeiting $2 bills.

Fun fact I just found out, also kind of to explain, but this show started coming out when television violence was under intense scrutiny from the media. Because of that Wonder Woman quickly goes from being all punches and kicking to using throws and blocks more and cleverly figuring out ways to make people take down themselves. There is still punching nazis galore in this one but you can tell their moving away from the ultra-violence we all love in our superhero properties, and actually I think this might be better overall because this was a very smartly written episode that was entertaining the whole way through, almost.

There was a point where Wonder Woman changes her voice as one of her special powers which I never heard of before. There’s also a point when I really found myself wondering why Wonder Woman was trapped in a cage and not doing anything to get out of it for a long bit of screentime.


+10: A vast improvement from the mediocre previous episode

-1: Those minor annoyances I had with it grouped together

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