Wonder Woman s1e9: Judgment from Outer Space Part 1

Air Date: January 15, 1977

Rating: 10/10

A council of aliens comes to Earth in order to judge whether they should destroy it or not. It’s up to Wonder Woman to prove them civilized in the middle of the biggest war of all time.

I absolutely love that they pull some of the crazier things in the DC universe for this episode. It kind of makes me want someone like Brainiac or Mr. Mxyzptlk to threaten the current movie heroes in a way that spans multiple movies…but they’d probably just screw it up again…

Anyway, this was a great first part to a two-parter, though it has probably the most jarring end I’ve seen in a “to be continued” episode. It just kind of ends like most B-movies do, practically in the middle of a sentence. Anyway, I’m not deducting points for that, it’s just kind of out of place.


+10: A great episode that makes me hope there’s more aliens everywhere in the DC universe. I guess Superman is already an alien so it’s already the case…whatever

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