Wonder Woman s1e10: Judgment from Outer Space Part 2

Air Date: January 17, 1977

Rating: 10/10

Andros the alien is captured by nazis and it’s up to Wonder Woman to find him before the Earth is destroyed. However, after she’s captured, Steve has to try to save them both.

A good follow up to the previous episode, but it takes a completely different tone and approach to it. It’s more of an action-packed ethical debate over what humanity really means, with a lot of nazis to foible. I also like that they use Steve in a way that’s different from how it usually seems to play out for him.

This is much less about space aliens than the previous episode, something I was hoping for more of. But I guess this is before Arrowverse and shared universes so aliens are probably more the exception than the rule. I guess we’ll see where this series decided to take it.


+10: A great two-parter all around

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